How to quick fix your hacked website?

Website is the most commonly heard word in day to day life. Do we understand what a website is? How does it work? This blog is an effort to make the general public understand websites, something around which our lives revolve around.

Websites are an array of web pages, which contains documents and the text. These web pages work on the same web domain. A web server hosts a website, which can be accessed by a network. It may be internet or any local area network. A website is addressed by using a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Now there is often used term Word Wide Web (WWW), this is the collection of accessible websites.

Another question arises, how are web pages accessed? The answer to this http, hyper text transfer protocol. This is the brief introduction to the websites and what it is comprised of. There are two types of websites, static website and dynamic website. The web pages stored on the server that is sent to the web browser. This type of website is static website. This type of website usually displays same content, irrespective of the user. This website is just like a printed pamphlet or brochure. The dynamic website is the self customised. It site provides information personalized to the user. The dynamic websites has changed the way we look at websites. This customization is appreciated by the user and hence increases the business and the traffic on the website.

Every good thing comes with a dark side as well. The threat to website is hacking. Hackers are the notorious and unwanted elements which find a way into your website coding and change the way your website looks to make a negative impact on your website. They might hack in to steal your information, to deteriorate the market value or to reduce your business.

The hacking of the website is detrimental to the business and to the market status of the business. To prevent hacking of your website, your website must have closed backdoors and loop holes should be located and dealt with. Website Doctors is the team of experienced professionals who will quick fix your hacked website and help you to close the backdoors. They take preventive steps to avoid hacking and provide a Website support 24*7 to the customer. The customer satisfaction and appreciation is what drives the website Doctors team.

For more details, contact us:

Website Doctors Team

Toll: 1-888- 507-2544


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